Tuesday, March 18, 2014


As an intermarried Jew, and writer and advocate for a more inclusive Jewish community, I have seen the effectiveness of outreach efforts firsthand. My own family is a testament to how engagement can encourage interfaith families to embrace a religious identity and bring additional meaning to their lives. Through my writing and volunteer work, I have had the opportunity to connect families like my own to Jewish life and encourage Jewish choices.

What I have learned through my own experience and outreach efforts is that often inmarried Jews consider all intermarrieds to be the same—all some shade of interfaith. But while we may face common issues, we do not always have common solutions; and we are not all in the same place emotionally or spiritually in how we navigate the joys and challenges of being an interfaith family. Each of our stories is different.

This blog grew out of my book From Generation to Generation: A story of intermarriage and Jewish continuity in which I share my interfaith family's Jewish journey. It is here that I will share the next steps my family takes on our Jewish path. I also hope you will share your unique story - your rituals, choices, challenges, successes and failures - and connect with others who are creating Jewish homes with one non-Jewish partner.