Sunday, November 16, 2014


Are you an interfaith family living Jewishly? Join the social media campaign #MyInterfaithStory by sharing how you "do Jewish" via text, photo, video, blog, etc.

What to share:

Share your story in words, picture or video on any social media platform and tag it with #myinterfaithstory. Watch and learn from others around the country -- and the world -- who share their story too. Your story can be something you’re proud of, something you’re working on, something you’re wrestling with, or a dream for the future.

Ideas for stories can include:

  • How you’re celebrating holidays or shabbat
  • How your heritage / religion is represented in your home
  • Who is in your interfaith community
  • How you planned or celebrated your interfaith lifecycle events, such as a wedding ceremony, new baby or bar/bat mitzvah
  • What questions you struggle with personally, or in your family
  • What words do you use to represent or describe yourself and your family
  • Hopes and wishes you have for your children
  • What you want to try or do in the coming year
Want more information? Visit MyInterfaithStory.