What people are saying about From Generation to Generation:

"In this spirited memoir...Larkin demonstrates convincingly that the key to continuity, intermarried or not, is active engagement with Jewish tradition...Engaging, bloglike, and conversational...Larkin’s disarming informality should not be mistaken for lack of substance. She is clearly an important voice in the current discussion of intermarriage and Jewish continuity."
- Publishers Weekly

"Larkin blends a family memoir with religious exploration, in a thoughtful examination of Judaism and intermarriage...The result is a thorough, sensitive and well-researched journey through the challenges and gifts that intermarried families—and Jewish families more generally—experience...The book’s greatest strength, though, has little to do with Judaism specifically, and more to do with the author’s clear-eyed appreciation of the nuances inherent in any community, religious or otherwise...An enlightening, encouraging take on the complexities of religious intermarriage." Read full review
- Kirkus Reviews

"Jane is to be commended for extraordinary honesty in sharing her mistakes and worries as well as the lessons she has learned from marriage, intermarriage and Jewish living along the way. From Generation to Generation is a nice addition to the literature, more memoir than advice book, which may enable a lot of readers to understand that while each intermarriage has at least one element in common with others, they all are different⎯⎯but can be worked through successfully."

- Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger, Beth-El Congregation, Fort Worth, TX and author of Our Religious Brains 

"Of all the books I've read that chart a person's journey to raising a Jewish family, From Generation to Generation is the most insightful book I've read to date. Jane writes in a language that speaks to anyone who is married or partnered with someone who was raised in another religious tradition in a manner that touches every button, raises every question, and guides the reader towards possible solutions."

- Rabbi Charles Simon, executive director, Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs and author of Building a Successful Volunteer Culture

"From Generation to Generation will be so helpful to many people who are navigating Jewish life."

- Rabbi Stephen J. Einstein, DHL, DD, Founding Rabbi Emeritus Congregation B'nai Tzedek, Fountain Valley, CA

"Jane Larkin’s new book, From Generation to Generation: a story of intermarriage and Jewish continuity, celebrates her very positive experience with intermarriage. She understands and articulates the particular challenges of interfaith couples, yet celebrates the growth and transformation that they can bring. I think that most of her points are important considerations for all modern Jews, whether they are part of interfaith relationships or not." Read full review

- Rabbi Anne Perry, author of the Reading Rabbi Blog

"Jane Larkin shares her personal journey in From Generation to Generation: A story of intermarriage and Jewish continuity. In the process, she offers us much to think about, regardless of our own family’s configurations. And she gives the kinds of intimate details that help us truly grasp her reality....For me, the greatest value in her book is how Jane explores the questions that come up in real families–questions for which there are no single answers, no easy solutions." Read full review

- Ellen Zimmerman, president, Jewish Holidays in a Box

"Temple Beth Ami feels so blessed to have been able to invite Jane to come as our guide, facilitator and inspiration and can only look forward to continuing the conversations she got started with so many of our interfaith families. Jane 'gets it' and our families know she speaks with conviction borne from her own experience."

- Shelly Gordon, program director, Temple Beth Ami, Rockville, MD